The Abramson Singers are showcasing at SXSW this year!

Or rather, since I didn’t win the lottery as planned, I’m showcasing solo. One singer, one guitar.

Friday, March 16: 2 pm at the Snackbar (free), 7:30 pm at The Hilton Garden Inn (official badge only).

There are so many bands I want to see, so many lounges to lounge in with free drinks — I am already completely overwhelmed.

And most overwhelming of all: sunshine! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to ditching the perpetual Vancouver gloom, even for just a few days. I swear, I’d be a totally different songwriter if I lived in a sunny place.




2 responses to “SXSW!

  1. Hi Leah!! Welcome to Austin.
    Glad you found a place to stay.. where are you? Let me know if you need a lift form/to anywhere. I will be in and out of the 1st and Congress bridges south area fr the next few days at a pottery studio and going to hear a lot of music. John and I will try to get to thesnackbar on Friday – it’s a nice venue – in a favorite part of town. The Continental is across the street!!!! There is so much to see and do here! Real easy to waste time without local knowledge
    There is a parrallel universe during SxSW called Not Southby. . SxSW info is in the Austin Chronicle. The magazine called 3rd Coast Music describes the players and venues in Not Southby. there are a lot of things going on and some really awesome people playing –
    Sean’s dad John is playing a 1/2 hour solo set at the New World Deli on thurs. @ 5:30 – thats a bit north . In the south there is a sleazy looking bar the G@S he plays with Jim patton and sherry Brokus – one of my favorite songwriter’s Betty Soo plays before them
    So much info – so little time – how long are you staying? Hope you get a chance to get in touch – but will totally understand if you are busy –
    Our cell : 512 660 4763
    Land Line; 512 292 4716
    Have a ball!
    Ania Cronin

  2. Hi Ania! I’m getting there on Thurs morning and I’ll be at the Radisson. I think it’s close enough to everything? There is so much going on, I’m dizzy trying to keep things straight! Anyway, hope to see you at the afternoon show, and if not, maybe we can do lunch or dinner or drinks or tacos! (I would love to go and see John, but a friend of mine is giving a talk at the same time.) Would love an insider’s tour! But getting ready for craziness…..
    Thanks for getting in touch!

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