• Leah Abramson – vox, guitar
  • Tyson Naylor – keyboards
  • Patrick Metzger – bass
  • Lucien Durey – vox
  • Dan Gaucher – drums/percussion
  • Tim Tweedale – Lap Steel

Vancouver native Leah Abramson — formerly of traditional folk bands Dyad, The Crooked Jades, and indie-rockers Octoberman — enlisted her friends in some of Vancouver’s best-loved bands (members of Fond of Tigers, Dan Mangan’s band, Headwater) to play her haunting folk-noir originals as The Abramson Singers.

Writing quirky, catchy and beautiful songs about topics such as truck drivers, old maids, the oil sands and the famous rebel Louis Riel, Leah is a heartbreaking storyteller and singer, hearkening back to simpler times, while embracing present concerns.

The current Abramson Singers album was released in Feb 2010 on White Whale Records, and Leah has a previous solo album, “Bedroom/City” (2006), as well as being featured prominently on albums with Dyad (“No Pedlars or Preachers,” 2007), The Crooked Jades (“The Shining Darkness,” 2008) and Octoberman (“Run From Safety,” 2009).

The Abramson Singers album has received rave reviews from all over the globe, most notably in the UK, where Leah subsequently toured in 2011 with Lau, Roddy Woomble (Idlewild), and Kathryn Williams.

The Abramson Singers were also selected out of hundreds of applicants for the 2011 Banff Centre Indie Band Residency, where they worked with producers Howard Bilerman and Tony Berg, and are  now working on new material with Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Kathryn Calder) for an album to be released in spring 2013.


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  1. i love you leah! Kiki<3

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