fRoots Feature article, summer 2010

Penguin Eggs feature, page 1, Fall 2010 /Penguin Eggs feature page 2

Maverick Magazine Review, May 2011, page 1  /Maverick Magazine, Page 2

“We’re talking six-, seven- and eight-part harmony. We’re talking a cappella harmony. And it’s gloriously uplifting.” – Carla Gillis, Now Magazine

“My pick for best album of the year goes to The Abramson Singers. Leah Abramson creates gorgeous music, smart, eccentric original songs. “Take a Camera”, “Trucker’s Prayer” compare with Joni Mitchell and Kyrie Kristmanson’s best. Everytime I see this title in my iTunes menu, I play it. I don’t feel this way often, but it’s pretty frustrating that the music industry is in such a mess that it can’t make The Abramson Singers mandatory listening.” – Denis Armstrong, The Ottawa Sun

“The Abramson Singers CD is full of achingly beautiful singing.” – Greg Burliuk, The Whig-Standard


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