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New Website!

Hey friends,

This wordpress site has now been replaced with a real website!! Check out for all news, links, etc.

Thanks for reading!




Hey everyone,

So, along with Colin Stewart at the Hive, we’ve mixed our new album! (A few revisions needed, but it’s basically there.) We have decided to call it “Late Riser” which feels appropriate based on how long it has taken to see the light.

And that brings us to a release date… Well, we’re still deciding how it’s going out into the world. Being an independent artist has its upsides like being able to control what you put out into the world, but sometimes it’s really nice to have some help. Hear that, universe? So if you have any smart aleck ideas, let us know!

Hopefully by next winter/spring there will be a new record in yours and many other hot little hands.

xo L.

The Patience of Saints

A little update is probably in order by now.

We are still working away at our new album — deciding at the last minute to redo a few of the tracks we did at the Banff Centre. Maybe the originals will end up as B-sides or rarities. Alas, it is taking the patience of saints to get this album done. In other words, I’m no saint. But done, it will be. (Just not yet.)

In the meantime, we’ve got a few out of town shows coming up (Kelowna in July, Victoria in August), and I, thanks to the Canada Council, am spending the summer learning the Theremin and composing duets for voice and Theremin. Yes, seriously.

See you on the flipside.


Things to come

After a messy time at SXSW, and great semester teaching two “Lyric and Libretto” classes in the Creative Writing Department at UBC, I’m now looking forward to spending a bit of time playing and recording.

On the list:

1. Finish new album! In May. With Colin Stewart at The Hive.

2. Continue teaching/organizing the Women’s Rock Camp in prison.

3. Spring/Summer tour dates in Western Canada! Currently being booked. Keep checking “Tour Dates” page for updates.

Well, that’s the fun stuff, anyway. (Taxes don’t get to make the list.)

See you out there.




The Abramson Singers are showcasing at SXSW this year!

Or rather, since I didn’t win the lottery as planned, I’m showcasing solo. One singer, one guitar.

Friday, March 16: 2 pm at the Snackbar (free), 7:30 pm at The Hilton Garden Inn (official badge only).

There are so many bands I want to see, so many lounges to lounge in with free drinks — I am already completely overwhelmed.

And most overwhelming of all: sunshine! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to ditching the perpetual Vancouver gloom, even for just a few days. I swear, I’d be a totally different songwriter if I lived in a sunny place.




So many of you may know that we started recording an album with Howard Bilerman and Tony Berg at The Banff Centre during the indie band residency in September 2011. We’re finally finishing up with Colin Stewart at The Hive, and it’s super exciting!

Most of the tracking is done, and we’re going to mix a few songs this month so that we’ll have something with us at our SXSW showcase. Yaaaaay for new albums!

We’re not sure how it’s going to be released yet. If you know someone who knows someone we should work with, get in touch!

xoxo L.